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About this mod

Content pack that adds cutscenes after "dying" in the mines or Skull Cavern, to add a splash of drama between you and your spouse. Special dialogue for all vanilla spouses + SVE spouses, and supports custom spouses as well!

Permissions and credits
Have you ever been swarmed by slimes and found yourself waking up alone in the hospital? Have you also ever been frustrated that you nearly die and get life-saving surgery and nobody blinks an eye, much less reacts to your close call?

"Spouses React To Player 'Death'" is a content pack that scratches the itch of needing to see your spouse actually care whether you live or die. With 300+ lines of dialogue separated between the 12 vanilla spouses, 4 Stardew Valley Expanded marriage candidates (SVE v1.12) and more (see detailed content for full list), it adds just a splash of drama to life in Pelican Town, just to keep things interesting. This mod also supports custom spouses, so you can get your marital drama fix regardless of who you've chosen to marry. 

  1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
  2. Install the latest version of Content Patcher.
  3. Download this mod and unzip it into Stardew Valley/Mods.
  4. Run the game using SMAPI.

How to use
  • You do not need a new save file. Installing/uninstalling this mod will never affect your save data.
  • The cutscenes added by this mod will trigger automatically whenever your HP reaches 0. There is one cutscene for the Mines, and one for the Skull Cavern.
  • There is a configurable option to include a third cutscene, featuring an ex-spouse. See "Content Details" below for a description and instructions on toggling    this configuration. 

  • Compatibility

    • Works with Stardew Valley 1.5 on Linux/Mac/Windows.
    • It works on single player, and I don't see why it wouldn't work in multiplayer if you're married to an NPC. I don't think it'll work if you're married to another player, though. 
    • Compatible (and includes special content for) with  Stardew Valley Expanded!
    • Compatible with all custom spouse NPCs!
    • Compatibility with polyamory mods hasn't been tested. Imo, it'll still work, but might logically seem a little odd. I'll try and make this compatible for future versions.

    Content Details
    Here is a spoiler-free detailed description of all the content added by this mod. Hidden under spoiler tag for length.

    Future update plans

    Here are some ideas I'll try to include in future content updates!
  • Adding custom dialogue for more marriageable NPCs. I'll take suggestions if you have a spouse you'd want to see a personalized cutscene for, but if it's a       custom NPC from an author on Nexus, please understand that I need their explicit permission to add their character to this mod, and therefore, it's the NPC's    author who gives the final call, not me.
  • A totally new cutscene for death in the volcano dungeon introduced in SDV 1.5.
  • Adding mentions of children and/or pregnancy/adoption in cutscene dialogue.
  • Adding a cutscene after passing out from exhaustion at 2AM. Currently, this seems above my skill level, so... it'll happen if it happens.
  • Revamping the "post-death cutscene" system to make each cutscene unique, and have a chronological storyline. Like heart events, but... for death! (à la Hades    game, if that means anything to anyone!)
  •    > Unfortunately, this is also currently above my skill level, so it'll probably be a v2.0 kind of thing. If any API mod creators wanna collaborate on this project...    you know where to find me :')

  • This is my very first mod, and it would have been impossible without the help I received from people in the community!
  • Huge thanks to Lemurkat, who is the reason this mod exists in the first place. They provided me with a template taken from their own Jasper custom NPC    mod (please check it out!) for me to springboard off of, without which I never even would've known how to start!
  • Thanks to FlashShifter for providing permission to include his SVE NPCs in this mod. I hope I've done them justice!
  • Shoutout to everyone in the Discord and SMAPI subreddit for answering all my questions and guiding me whenever I got stuck.
  • And of course, thank you for checking out my mod! It's my very first one and I worked really hard on it, so it's a small thing but I'm still quite happy with it. If you have questions, suggestions for content, comments, or bugs to report, please let me know on Nexus or by finding me on Discord @/CasualInvidia#1235.