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Changes Sebastian's vice from cigarettes to weed by editing dialogue and his overworld sprites.

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Inspired by Non-Smoking Sebastian, Content Filter, and Sebastian's Bong, this is a small Content Patcher mod which replaces Sebastian's nicotine habit with a much less harmful marijuana habit. This is intended to be a more adult alternative to NSS and CF, both of which give him a gaming addiction instead.

This mod consists of small dialogue and visual changes; a config is included so you may toggle off either half if you prefer not to use it.

If you have suggestions on making anything sound more natural or flow better, I'm all ears. :) I've never used marijuana so I've got basically no idea what I'm doing. I also didn't actually test any of the dialogue, except for the 10-heart event.

The dialogue portion of this mod changes one optional line from the farmer in an event, two lines from Sebastian, and two lines from Robin. It also adds two new lines of dialogue which modify lines from Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion. (CFDE is not required to see these new lines.) Like his nicotine addiction, Sebastian's overuse and abuse of weed isn't viewed favorably by those who comment on it, including Sebastian.

The visual portion of this mod replaces the cigarette in his overworld sprite with a green bong which he lights and then takes a drag from.

If you'd like to read exactly what the lines are, they can be found below.


  • Tested compatibility with Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion and Gender Neutrality Mod.
  • There's one line in a (Mature Content) event in Stardew Valley Expanded that says Sebastian's smoking is "unhealthy", which is kind of weird in the context of this mod, but they are otherwise compatible.
  • Might not be fully compatible with mods that change Sebastian's dialogue. This will just cause some inconsistencies if the other mod mentions him smoking, so it's not a big deal.
  • The visual half of the mod is incompatible with other mods that change Sebastian's overworld sprite. You may toggle off "Sprite Changes" and headcanon that he's smoking a joint instead. :)
  • This mod is written in English. It might break the mod if you're playing SDV in a different language.

Suggested Mods:
Sebastian's Bong replaces the vase in Seb's room with a color-configurable bong. It's currently broken, but there's an easy fix in the comments. Maybe at some point I'll add it to this mod with the bug fix included. :)
Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion adds a bunch of new dialogue to all the vanilla characters, and inspired a couple lines in this mod.
Generic Mod Config Menu allows you to change config files in-game. (Despite the description, it works with any mod that has a config file.)
Content Filter includes a non-smoking Willy, if you'd like to completely remove tobacco from your game.

  1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
  2. Install Content Patcher.
  3. Download this mod and unzip it into Stardew Valley/Mods.
  4. Run the game.
  5. If you wish, go into the mod folder and change the config.json file. You may also use this mod to configure mods in-game.

Future Updates:
New, extra dialogue talking about Sebastian's smoking.
A Slightly Cuter version of Seb's overworld sprite.
Maybe a configurable color for the bong, if someone asks for it.

(I don't think I've hit all of the keywords for description searches yet, so let me repeat that this is a mod where Seb is a stoner who smokes cannabis.)