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F-SV Flumme Farmhouse rooms, indoor (CP) (only for the 2nd Upgrade, marriage): A farmhouse replacement mod.

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Sorry: This Mod is NOT up-to-date and will NOT be updated!

F-SV Flumme's Farmhouse rooms / indoor(CP)
(only for the 2nd Upgrade)

I'm not a native English-speaker, so please be patient with me.

This is a farmhouse replacement mod: A new design for the farmhouse (rooms /indoor). I made this only for me, but I decided to share it with the community (it has taken me so much time).
This is my personal conception for a farmhouse (rooms/indoor): I always wanted something like an atrium. When you have a farm there is a lot of dirt everywhere, but especially in the entrance to the house & to the cellar. Now, there is a place for your dirty boots, and you don't have to go through the living room / kitchen to carry the coal to the cellar. And please: Take the shoes off (put house-shoes on) when you go inside the farmhouse. ;) I also wanted a nice dining room near the kitchen. And a bedroom a bit aside, a room for guest or an office (near the entrance). I wanted enough bathrooms & toilets AND a big attic. So I made this farmhouse here.
DustBeauty was so kind to pimp my mod here. Now you can use her rooftop with Flumme's Farmhouse!

There are 4 different files, please run only one of them:
- With the default crib & kid_bed
.With this one you can have your own crib & kid_bed design ([CP] F-SV Flumme's Farmhouse 1.4 A).
- With my personal interpretation for a crib & a kid_bed ([CP] F-SV Flumme's Farmhouse 1.4 B - crib&kidbed).
- With my crib&kid_bed and with a second panorama window in the "guest-room/office" ([CP] F-SV Flumme's Farmhouse 1.4 C - crib&kidbed_Panorama).
- With my crib&kid_bed, second panorama window AND the stone wall at the entrance is now a white glas-door ([CP] F-SV Flumme's Farmhouse 1.4 D - crib&kidbed_Panorama_glasdoor).


DustBeauty : I have taken the wonderful mod "Seasonal Garden Farmhouse V2" from the incredible DustBeauty. Then I changed it, but the Origin of my mod is from DustBeauty and NOT from me. Also, I have taken draft designs / assets / graphics from her beautiful (other) mods. DustBeauty was so kind to give me her permission to release my mod, she even helped me a lot. Please visit her and take a look to all her brilliant mods: She is really great!
DustBeauty was so kind to "remake" the mod, so there are not so many files inside anymore like at the beginning. She also made it compatible to her "rooftop" from her incredible "Seasonal Garden Farmhouse V2" mod.

Yellog / yewon11: They are a fantastic, genius artist out there: Yewon11. I have taken a few draft designs / assets / graphics from him, because I'm a huge fan. He made a few really great mods and I adore his artwork: Yewon11 is an outstanding modder! He was so kind to give me his permission to use his mods. Please visit him and take a look at all his lovely art.

Other great artist, witch artwork you can find here: coldazraelSsaturn0601livipupnaelduskk998893, the one and only Minakie!

If you want to use the artwork from the modders ahead: Ask them yourself! Don't use my farmhouse or their mods (art) without asking them (or me), please. If you want to reward my farmhouse here: Please visit the artist above and spend them a coffee.
(I have a permission from all of them!)


- Download & install SMAPI & Content patcher
- Download "Empty Spouse Room" (download the file at DustBeauty files: Here! ). You need this mod or the spouse room will have black walls.
- Download one mod of mine, but please: Only ONE version at the time.
- Unzip the mod
- Just put the mod folder into: Stardew Valley / mods
- Please check that you don't have a nother Farmhouse-mod (inside/rooms/indoor) in the Mod folder
- Live a wonderful, happy life in your new farmhouse!


Seasonal Garden Farmhouse V2 (DustBeauty) rooftop Garden: Please download DustBeauty's great mod, than take (only) the file / folder: [TMXL] Seasonal Gardern Farmhouse V2 out. Unzip the file. Place it into your mod folder (SV), just as a normal mod. Now there should be a rooftop. You can reach it from the stairs in the north-east corner of the house. There are now TWO teleport options at the stairs. If you don't want the rooftop anymore, just delete the rooftop-folder.
GetGlam : Moving the dresser – after you have the 2nd Upgrade (and my farmhouse indoor) please go to the GetGlam mod, open the config.json and overwrite the coordinates. The dresser will be in the bedroom now:„DresserTableLocationX": 52, "DresserTableLocationY": 14, (or: „DresserTableLocationX": 51, "DresserTableLocationY": 14, )
- Pregnancy & Birth Event: If you want to use this mod with mine: Please use this mod version: [CP] F-SV Flumme's Farmhouse 1.4 C - crib&kidbed_Panorama_glasdoor. In the "Pregnancy&BirthEvent-Mod" your character want to walk from the entrance automatically, but if there is a wall, it is not possible. So use the version with the glasdoor all the time OR: Use it only for the scene(s) and than switch back to your favorite version of my mod after.

Important to know:

- This mod is only for the 2. Upgrade (marriage) of the House (if you want a first update, please visit DustBeauty). There is NO rooftop-file inside my mod, download it from DustBeuaty please. But my Farmhouse mod will work with the rooftop from DustBeauty.
- If you DON'T want the kid_bed & crib you can turn them off: Go into the mod folder, open the config.json:  "Kids Beds": "false",  "Crib enable": "false", Here you can decide yourself if you want them both or only one of them ... or none of them.
(Attention: Sometimes you don't see a config.json, in the mod folder. Cause: You have to start the game once and than it create the config.json for the mod.)
- You can't change the floor&walls in the new rooms, only in the origin four rooms.
- I didn’t make a cellar. There is no reason, because there is an incredible cellar mod out there: Ace's Expanded Cellars. I use her mod for the cellar and Ace's Expanded Farms MTN for the farm-map.
- For windwos (in the four old rooms), take a look at this great mod: Better Windows Content Pack
- Sleeping / going to bed: You go to bed in the new bedroom, BUT: You wake up in the old bed-position, in the living room.
- Your spouse will stay at the original location in the house.
- This mod have NO multiplayer dresser, sorry. I would add it, if I would know HOW. ;)
- Sometimes there is a little bug: The dog / baby walk sometimes in the large window in the new bedroom.
- I can't grant support cause I'm a real Modding-Noob: SORRY!


If you look for stunning textures, visit the Grandmaster himself, the wonderful paradigmnomad ! Thanks for your support.

My good friends Acerbicon and Tondorian helped me A LOT with this mod. Without them I'm lost. They are till a few year dear friends of mine, not only in SV, also in a lot of other games: Thanks a lot, I love you both!
My dear, brilliant friend Acerbicon made this mod here, too. She worked on it a lot! Also: She have a lot of great mods: Please visit her and take a look. My personal opinion is, she made the damn best maps you have seen in SV. She is a stunning artist and have a wonderful personality! Please reward her with endorsement, kudos or an coffee.

Thanks a lot: Vibel, 0000cola, toxicToxophilite, Lemurkat.


- 1.4 Update (02.12.2020): Bathroom first floor - changeswimsuit (to many spots) - FIXED. Added more mod versions.
- 1.3 Update (20.11.2020): Windows theme based on season - FIXED.
- 1.2 Update (18.11.2020): Mod is now compatible with DustBeauty's rooftop, deleted unneeded files & assets, repair two glitches (entrance & stairs)