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A collection of expanded farms, from the default farm to all of the farm types added in the 1.1 update all compatible with 1.3 and streamlined for MTN (More Than Necessary).

Permissions and credits
Ace's Expanded Farms MTN
Brand new, fully functional farms. The new farms come with anything from mining
areas and extra farming space to new ponds and waterfalls. There’s something
for every taste. Plus, after a trip to the pet store, your pets now have a more
comfortable living area.

Choose the farms you want, for every farm type, mix and match to make 
your farm fit you.

If you want instructions on how to use on an old save rather than a new game

look here.

Content Patcher
MTN (More Than Necessary)

1. Download "Ace Expanded Farms MTN" zip file.
2. Unzip into the "Mods" folder.
3. Play the game and enjoy your brand new farms!

- Do you use Extended Minecart to get the most out of the new minecart on your farm?
Make sure the following options are in your config file:
  "AlternateFarmMinecart": false,
  "FarmDestinationEnabled": false,
  "UseCustomFarmDestination": true,
  "CustomFarmDestinationPoint": "79, 14"

-Are you on an old save and having trouble with bushes being in the way? Download and
use this mod to reset them: BushReset in the optional files of 
Even More Secret Woods.

- Be ABSOLUTELY SURE to keep a back up of your save games. ALWAYS make backups.

- For Robin to build on new farm areas, you must scroll right or down depending on the map.

- If using a map recolor, download the compatibility patch for your recolor and my mod.

-  For quarries included in these farms to work properly, you must use the Mining at the Farm until
MTN is updated to allow for it to be set up per map.

- Having issues with 2Cute Farm Cave? Go here.