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This Meteorite impacted farm replaces the Standard farm or Hilltop Farm.. Comes with a Quarry area and has an increased chance of Meteors hitting your farm. Also has an abundance of berry bushes.

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Meteor Farm
A Meteorite riddled farm. (Replaces the Standard Farm or the Hilltop Farm)

- Lots of Berry Bushes
- A Quarry area (the Dark Dirt)
- Increased Chance of Meteorites on the farm (about a 5% chance per day that it checks a location to see if its valid for a spawn, and if it is, then you get a meteorite)

Optional Mod (Needed for full functionality, but the map will still load and function on a basic level without them)
Farm Type Manager
(This mod is currently generating the quarry and additional chance for meteorite spawns, Without this mod there will be no quarry and no additional meteorites.)

Recommended Mods
Destroyable Bushes -
I designed the map (and its abundance of bushes) with use of this mod in mind. Please use it to free up area that you would like to build upon that is otherwise blocked by bushes.

Install all the required mods, listed in the requirements section above (and preferably the optional Destroyable Bushes)
Download the zip
Unzip the contents, it will have a Meteor Farm Folder in it.
You need to move that folder into your mod folder (which is inside the stardew valley folder).

It should be compatible with SVE, and most other mods.
The only mods where i expect to see incompatibility is with a revamp of the farm cave map, but only if the other mod moves the warp in/out point is to the map from its base location. If you let me know of such a mod you wish to use where it is incompatible, I should be able to make a version that is specifically compatible with that mod.

If you run into any issues at all, please let me know.