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This is a pretty simple mod to add Lucikiel's (mod by Arknir27) events to Mobile phone (mod by aedenthorn).

Permissions and credits
Please allow me to preface by saying this is my first mod, and I don't really have prior mod experience. Keeping that in mind, please enjoy this mod (s). 

There are technically two mods in here, one that adds the events to the phone, and another that makes Lucikiel's dialogue when answering and saying goodbye on the phone more unique (this does not change his in game dialogue). I haven't quite figured out how to combine them in an effective way yet, but I am hoping to combine them in the future. 

I would like to thank Arknir27 for the creation and building of our sassy demon, and aedenthorn for making this all possible through their Mobile phone mod. (Special thanks to aedenthorn for helping me figure out some kinks that I was having in the code!)

You can find both of their mods here (note, they are required for this mod!)

Lucikiel by Arknir27: 
Mobile Phone by aedenthorn:

1: This mod requires SMAPI and content patcher, so make sure you have both installed to the specifications listed on their pages. 
2: Make sure that both Lucikiel and Mobile phone are installed to the standards listed on their individual pages (including all required mods for them)
3: Either download Lucikiel for Mobile Phone via your mod manager, or manually
a: If you do it via manager that should be it, please enjoy the mod and let me know if you run into any issues! I will do my best to sort them out. 
b: If you do it manually, then manually extract the file into your mod folder, then you should be ready to go!

There is a config file in [CP] Lucikiel - Mobile phone greetings, the only thing it does is turns the adjusted greetings and goodbyes on or off. I'm hoping to expand upon it more as I have more time. 

Thanks again, and please enjoy the mod. :)

Things planned for the future: 

Adding more greetings based on relationship to Lucikiel and other villagers. 
Possibly adding Mobile Phone support for more followers, based on if I get permission from the authors.