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A standard map that has been doubled in size. More room for your crops, a ranch, and industrial zone, or whatever else you're into. Comes with diggable grass.

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This is basically and edited/updated version of Bawbag's Farm Extension Mod (, which in turn was based off Gnarly's Farm Expansion Mod ( Then stretched to be the same size as lillvik's A Bigger Standard Map (

This is my first mod--the result of a desire to have a big stylish farm and a night of studying the Modding Section of the Stardew Valley. It's nothing grand since it was mostly editing work.

To install: After downloading, just extract it into your Mods folder.

Note: In an uncertain point in time, I might consider adding a water feature...if anyone has tips on how to do that.

Note 2: I've received posts about whether this mod can be made compatible with MTN or has any with SVE.  I'm gonna tell you I'm not a programmer. I just went off of what the Modding Wiki can tell me, or at least the parts I can understand.  If there is anyone willing to make compatibilities with this mod, feel free to do so.