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Lets you add reminders through special menu that will auto-notify at the specified day, season and time.

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Translated into English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean and French, Chinese (contribute translations)
Example use cases:

Using this mod you can set reminders in game, for example:
  • A reminder to farm Melons for the Community center bundle the next summer,
  • or to catch sturgeons during the next winter to start a caviar farm,
  • or maybe even to buy seeds the next day (since you went to Pierre's on a Wednesday :D),
  • or to check on the cellar,
  • heart events, secret note events, or anything else to remember

  • Shows up as an App on the MobilePhoneMod - from version 1.5.1+
  • Create new reminders that will notify at specified Day, Season, and Time.
  • All the reminders are save specific. Reminders set in one save won't be visible and won't notify there either.
  • View currently set reminders with their Date & Time.
  • Delete currently set reminders from the above UI.
  • Reminder notifications have Configurable notification sound.
  • Reminder messages can be set in any language supported by Stardew valley.

The mod is open source  and in active development.
Use the mod by pressing F2 (Configurable through config.json file)


  1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
  2. Unzip the download into the Stardew Valley/mods
  3. Bring up the menu by pressing F2 (Configurable)


  • Works with Stardew Valley 1.4.x before v1.6.2
  • Works with Stardew Valley 1.5+ from v1.6.2
  • Fully compatible with Windows/Mac/Linux
  • Supports Singleplayer and Multiplayer [1.4.2+] -- All player in co-op can set own, separate reminders.
  • Supports Mod Updater by Platonymous [v1.5.0+].
  • Supports Mobile Phone Mod by aedenthorn [v1.5.1+].
  • Reminder messages support any language supported by Stardew valley.

See also:

  • GitHub Repo
  • Thanks to Miss whipped for testing the 1.4+ updates.
  • Thanks to Vantastic for multiple feature ideas and for bringing attention to Mac/Linux support.
  • Tnanks to jina2ya for Korean translations and for bringing attention to i18n support.