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andril11 and Obamoose and a lot of people

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This is a complete museum lore expansion! Adding new npcs, shops and more to come!

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  • Russian
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  • Mandarin
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This museum expansion adds a lot of lore involving the museum. Will you be able to discover Stardew Valley's ancient secrets?


    Install the latest version of SMAPI, CP, TMXL Map toolkit, ShopTileFramework, Anti-Social Npcs, Event Repeater, and then drop into your mods folder.
QuestFramework is optional.

To uninstall, just remove the [ME] Museum Expansion folder and it's done!


First, load the game with the mod once to create the config.json file.
Then you can edit it with some text editor. We have 3 options for Charlie Portraits, there are: 
"Original, FellowOriginal, FellowEdited"

All of these two were made by FellowClown!

And we have an alternative Randy and Charlie made by KAYA !!
The site is in Korean, but a Google Translate does the work.
Download it here:  
Charlie Anime Portraits
Cute Randy Portraits








  It is compatible with SVE
It is compatible with Reimagined 2
It is compatible with Karmylla

It works on android too (see the mobile version on Files Tab)


For the 6 heart event, I suggest you clear the front of Maru's house (grass, trees, etc) for better understanding. Unless the 'pet' will be hidden in the grass.

Seeking translators too...


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Se for Brasileiro e não quiser lidar com taxas de câmbio e coisas do tipo, e quiser doar diretamente, tem o pix. (Adicionando apenas por causa de pedidos de usuários)

Pix (Celular): 35997460745



These are the people that helped me, I love all of you! 


Any bug, Dm me on
Discord Caco#6829 or post on the bugs tab

I'm trying to come back, but no promises, I really love this game and my characters, but I have no control of my own life right now. Thanks everyone and Obamoose.