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A mod that allows you to 'prestige' your skills, resetting them from level 10 to 0, granting you a point that can be used on permanently obtaining a profession.

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Compatible with Stardew Valley 1.2+. Requires SMAPI 1.15 or later.

The Skill Prestige Mod allows you to earn permanent profession perks beyond that which can normally be obtained in Vanilla play. By spending Prestige Point(s), earned by resetting a skill from 10 to 0, your character can buy the level 5 or 10 profession of their choice. By default, level 5 professions cost 1 Prestige Point, while Level 10 professions cost 2 Prestige Points and require their associated level 5 profession already be purchased. For example, buying the Lv5 Tiller, Lv10 Artisan, and Lv10 Agriculturalist professions would require 1+2+2=5 Prestige Points. Only Prestige Points earned from a specific skill can be used to buy that skill's professions. By default, recipes are lost when a skill is reset.

This mod requires SMAPI 1.15, and Stardew Valley 1.2. This mod is compatible with other skill mods; native support for the Luck Skill is included, and support for the Cooking Skill is included in the download. 

Upgrade Note: When copying in the new version of the mod, do NOT remove the Data.json file, as it stores all of your hard-earned prestige points and other prestige data.

Future Development Goals include:
(see here for full details and status)
- New Options for Spending your 11th+ PP, i.e. efficiency or berry harvest bonuses
- Gamepad Support
- Stockalike Button Hover Effects

My source code is here. There is a guide on my github wiki which explains how to make other skill mods compatible with this mod. I invite any bug reports here on nexus or on github.