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About this mod

Adds a skill and professions for searching through peoples trash.

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Mandarin
  • German
Search through trash cans to improve new Binning skill
  • Get better drop chances with each new level
  • Get unique ultra-rare bonus drops
  • Choose professions to improve recycling, dig through trash more sneakily, or increase value from reclaimed items

Includes 6 new professions


  • Level 5 - Recycler: Cheaper cost to craft recycling machines
  • Level 10 - Environmentalist: Gain friendship from recycling trash
  • Level 10 - Salvager: Get better output from recycling machines
  • Level 5 - Sneak: Never get caught digging through trash cans
  • Level 10 - Upseller: Villagers never hate gifts, even trash
  • Level 10 - Reclaimer: Extra value when trashing items

Adds ultra-rare trash drops


  • Previously unobtainable bachelor/bachelorette weapons (e.g. Maru's Wrench)
  • One-per-file vanilla items (e.g. Sewing Machine) are now re-obtainable
  • Choice locked items (e.g. Soda Machine) are obtainable

How To Install
Install required mods.
Download, unzip, and place the BinningSkill folder into the Stardew Valley Mod folder.
If installing on an existing file, new profession should be immediately available.

Should be compatible with most other mods.  Please share incompatible mods on Nexus.
Not compatible with Android.

Compatible With
  • Modular Gameplay Overhaul (as of 1.2.0, adds level 15 and 20 professions)
  • Ridgeside Village
  • Automate (note: RSV and Automate don't seem to work together, but that's not due to this mod)
  • Deluxe Autograbber Redux (as of 1.1.0)
  • Garbage Day (as of 1.1.0)
  • Better Garbage Cans (as of 1.1.0)

Incompatible With
  • UI Info Suite 2 (doesn't have added level up/experience gain effects, but no negative impact)

  • Chinese - provided by @xy177
  • Korean - provided by @yura496
  • Portuguese - provided by @YazukaIG
  • Russian - provided by @Night Raid

See other translation requests (or provide a translation) here 

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Special Thanks!
for making Stardew Valley
for SpaceCore, GenericModConfigMenu

for Love of Cooking, which was a lot of help in creating this mod
DaLion (VonLoewe)

for Modular Gameplay Overhaul, and help with Prestige integration