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This is a continuation of Seasonal Anime Portraits by FlashShifter.

Permissions and credits
This mod is an add on for the Seasonal Villager Outfit mod by Tanpopnoko and ParadigmNomad and is based heavily on OhoDavi's Anime mods and FlashShifter's Seasonal anime portraits mods. I create this mod to continue the old SAP. It might take a while so please be patient. :)


Seasonal Anime Portraits II's permission to use half of SVO's assets is revoked. Because losing half of the compatibility will hinder our way as we need to make sure we accomodate SVO's variants from the scratch, we decided to go semi hiatus to develop SAP III with our own code and designs (with some outfits based on open sourced artist's designs).

We are accepting designs since we have a very small team. SAP III will be opensourced so I hope anyone who'd like to contribute to keep that in mind. You can join our Discord server for more information. We apologize for the inconovenience and we thank you for all your support for SAP II.


*Download and install Tanpoponoko's and Paradigmnomad's Seasonal Outfits Mod
(1) Download this mod.
(2) Extract the folder.
(3) Drag and drop [CP] Seasonal Villager Outfits and Seasonal Anime Portraits folders into the Mods folder.

*The first folder will overwrite the original files from SVO
*The second folder stores manifest file (and readme) to trigger SMAPI for updates

*When updating from 2.2.5 or below, make sure to remove [SVO] folder.

Optional File Installation
(1) Make sure to install the main file correctly.
(2) Download and extract the optional file.
(3) Drag and drop [CP] Seasonal Villager Outfits folder into the Mods folder to replace the main files with the alternative.


*) We only provide the portraits' replacement and depend on SVO's coding and organizing. Hence, SAP is un/compatible with whichever mod SVO is too.
*) Please check Seasonal Villager Outfit's config file as it requires you to set SandyEnabled and WizardEnabled as True so that their anime version would appear.
*) Harvey's facial hair variant only available as Shaved in our main file. This is due to Harvey's facial hair variants being buggy in SVO. If you prefer to have Harvey's Mustache, you can download them separately. The optional download includes
(1) Harvey's mustache that can be toggled in SVO's config (might be buggy) and
(2) Harvey's mustache as the only variant (replacing all shaved variant).


OhoDavi for creating the spectacular anime portraits.
Tanpopopnoko and Paradigmnomad for creating the immersive Seasonal Outfits mod.
badboyzay for remastering Pierre's base sprite sheet.
FlashShifter for starting the original Seasonal Anime Portraits mod
Shadowfire1223 for remastering Abigail's base sprite sheet.
narpigwalrus for Caroline portraits (
Ritcheli for Abigail ponytail hairstyle (
ChaserJZX for Alt Leah (
A huge thank you to the artists who created the seasonal clothing, in the Credits and Thank You's,  of Seasonal Outfits.
And everyone who help me with the portraits along the way.