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Mod that makes Gigi's portrait mod bachelors into catboys! No I dont know why i did this.

Permissions and credits
Stardew Catboy edit

ALL CREDIT goes to Gigi's portraiture mod and Lilico's wizard portrait edit! Please check out the original mods if you haven't, their art is beautiful!

This mod adds edits to make all of the bachelors (and Demetrius too, bc hes nice) into catboys, rabbits, and dogboys. It edits all expressions and works with portraiture! It doesn't edit the character sprites since i may die if i do that, but maybe ill try someday.

Why did i do this? I don't know. I thought "what if Seb was a catboy?" now its been 3 days. so now i need to sleep. But either way I hope u enjoy!

Alex | Beagle
Sam | Long-eared Rabbit
Harvey | Brown Shorthair
Elliot | March Hare
Shane | Dirty Street Stray
Demetrius | Mainecoon
Sebastian | Unlucky Black Cat
Wizard | Bombay (Compatible with the Looking for Love mod!)

Sister mod for Catgirl Abigail

Gigi's Hi-Res Portraits mod for All Characters
lilico's Gigi Portrait Edits (Chaekal's Wizard) for LfL

Installation Guide:
1. Install the required mods
2. Unzip the mod file
3.  Add it into Stardew Valley\Mods\Portraiture\Portraits\
4. Open the game and select the portrait by pressing P while talking to the NPC!