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An updated version of Siv's Marriage Mod. With expansions to add Sandy to festivals and allow you to have Spouse Rooms. Now with SVE and UCR compatibility!

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An updated version of Siv's Marriage Mod, that I fixed. This one has all of Siv's changes, updated for 1.3 and now configurable, so if you want to only date Willy (or whomever), you can! Includes the ability to configure their looks. If you want them to look like they do in vanilla, you can. If you want to use Siv's updated looks, you can do that instead. Another mod author got an attractive looking alternative to any of these characters that just so happens to be marriage mod compatible? Well, there's an option for that too.

Note, if you are using dialogue or other mods that affect the characters in this mod, such as Romanceable RasmodiusRazolyn the Magnificent, or Ran's Harvest Goddess, this will conflict with them. You can fix this by changing "Date x (where x is the character that would be affected by the conflicting mod)" to "false". This turns off LfL's changes for that character.

Updated for compatibility with Stardew Valley Expanded and Unique Courtship Responses! Additionally, non-English speaking modders looking to translate no longer have to rewrite the mod as a whole, rather, they can now make language packs to put into the folder and LfL will automatically load them up, if formatted correctly.

What's been fixed so far in comparison with Siv's? Well:
There are no errors with heart events. There are a few still untested though.
Lewis will no longer refer to Marnie, Pam, or Sandy as your husband.
Lewis will not make the flower dance impassible. He immediately asks you if you want to continue the festival. This, understandably, results in another bug where you cannot dance with him. This appears to be a bug on the part of ConcernedApe, as he doesn't give his vanilla festival dialogue even without this mod.

What's up next:
Look into fixing Sandy's schedule/pathing issues.
Look into adding more characters. 
Spouse Patios!
Children that look like your spouse.
Fix Marnie and Lewis's events to have spares so you don't have to only see one of their events.

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