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A Mod that changes all of the character's portraits into a more bouncy anime-like style.

Permissions and credits

This is a link to portraiture.

To see more of my artworks you can find me on tumblr or Instagram by the name Churiren.

I created this mod for personal and friend use originally so I would like to warn that there may be some innaccuracies in the character appearances.
I may or may not change them to be more accurate later. I dont plan on it soon though.

Within the zip file provided are two folders. Here is what they do!
Gigi (this folder holds the pictures of each character that replaces the ones in game)
Sprites (this folder holds an alternative sprite for Krobus)

Let me know in the comments if you have any issues instaling or questions. I am pretty busy atm so I may not get back to you in a while, but I'll do my best.

Included in my mod are portraits compatible with the korean wizard sprite.
This is a link to the Korean site for the alternative wizard sprite. 

Update V1.4:
-Vanilla and Modded portraits have been seperated into 2 files
Vanilla files: all vanilla-esque portraits (with harvey mustache optional portrait) 
Alternative portraits: all modded characters portraits and alternative portraits in one file and set to show up wth the modded versions in game by default
-Added mustache Harvey
-Edited sebastians portrait (top right expression changed)
-Krobus sprite mod seperated from the portrait files and posted instead under the  misc section of the files

Update V1.3:
- Vanilla henchman portrait available
- Gus portrait changes
- AltHenchman portrait changes
- Krobus Portrait changes

Update V1.2:
-vanilla friendly wizard portrait added and set to default
-2 more alternative wizard sprites added

Update V1.1:
-redone harvey sprite
(both are available for use but the new one is set to default)

-redone/fixed linus's sprite
(both portraits are available but new is default)

-fixed Haley's sprite where she was supposed to change clothes

-fixed Abigail's shading around her bangs to balance out her colors better

-changed the names of the alternative and old portraits to make them easier to find in the folder.
If you want to use the alternative portraits just rename them to the original character's name.
(Alt)Dwarf.png -> rename to -> Dwarf.png
(Alt)Krobus -> rename to -> Krobus.png

Working on:
-Mr.Qi fix
-?Maybe bachelors to bachelorettes/ bachelorettes to bachelors portraits?