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Your babies are big kids now that go to school and travel around Pelican Town.
SVE and Vanilla!

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  • Turkish
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Do Not Upload this mod to another site.
Your two children are now big kids that get to go to school with Jas and Vincent.
They will travel around Pelican Town exploring their interests outside the farmhouse. 

Setting up your children
The Farmer's First Born Child's Schedual
The Farmer's Second Born Child's Schedual
Gift Taste

Do Not
 give your kids the Same Name as any other NPC! This includes kids in other saves.

If using version 8 of unofficial Child to NPC and
the kids wont leave the farm house, or 
The toddler version don't disappear at 6:10am
remove this mod, run the save having the issue, sleep to next day so the kids are normal toddlers, then reinstall.

if the kids don't turn into NPC once of age, check to see if their birthday changes when you sleep. If it does, uninstall the mod until child two is also old enough to become an NPC.

Child to NPC can be very buggy. This is not a mod for people new to modding.

No need to ask permission to restyle the kids. Just let me know so I can check out your work ♥
Try using config Custom1, Custom2, Custom3 for art name for easy. Diverse1 and Diverse2 are also options for anyone that wants to do the art.

Special thanks

ErosDkAl (Fixed my terrible art)
not only fixing the girl portrait I created (it was a badly edited Jas), but also for making her seasonal and making them look like their parents, and making the sprites seasonal to. ♥
Also fixed the boy portraits to look a bit less like Vincent.
you rule Eros ♥

Ghost3lboom for making Russian Translation
I can't read any of it, but I'm glad another group of people can enjoy having their kids talk to them.

andyallanpoe for editing the kids to match Diverse Stardew Valley.
Work need to be done to make them function with the mod at this time, so only Abigail's son is working.