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A LittleNPCs content pack.
Your 2 children are now big kids that get to go to school with Jas and Vincent.
They will travel around Pelican Town exploring their interests outside the farmhouse.

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Mandarin
  • Japanese
Do Not Upload this mod to another site.
Your two children are now big kids that get to go to school with Jas and Vincent.
They will travel around Pelican Town exploring their interests outside the farmhouse. 

Your 1st born loves animals and fish. They like to spend time with Jas and Vincent after school, but has a habit of falling asleep in class. 
child 2 prefers a quite places so they can read, though some days a trip to the saloon's arcade is fun. They ask a lot of questions, and can be a bit rude to others.

There are 2 downloads for this mod
The Farmer's Children, which contains Dialogue, Schedual, Gift Tastes, ect.
The Farmer's Children Art , this comes in three versions. Simplified, Standard, and Deluxe. 
Setting up your children ART 
Do not have more then one art edition installed.

Gift Tastes

Thing to know
LittleNPC Multiplayer

I have no way to test if it works in multiplayer or not. It might be working now.

recommend turning child wander off in LittleNPC config.json
kids get lost at the busstop with it on. 

Modded farmhouses might change NPC warps, causing the children to not leave and wander into the void. This is an issue with the farmhouse mods if it is happening.

The Farmer's Children and Unique Children Talk are kind of compatible. 
LittleNPC mod will make the toddler invisible once the child is old enough to be an NPC.
the Unique Talk toddler can still be talked too and is invisible in their bed, never moving
the NPC Child leaves the house and works as intended.

Multiple Spouse mods
the children take after the first spouse no matter whom you have them with.

If you want to use other art, note that this contains sprite animations that toddler sheets do not have, and 7 portrait emotions. 
The Farmer's Children Art does NOT change toddlers. Only LittleNPCs.

There is a rare bug.
The day after a festival a child could be removed by smapi to avoid a crash. You will need to go into your game saves folder and delete the newest one. This will make it so you play the festival day again, but the child is unlikely to be deleted again the next day.

No need to ask permission to restyle the kids. Just let me know so I can check out your work ♥

Special thanks  
ErosDkAl (Fixed my terrible art)
not only fixing the girl portrait I created (it was a badly edited Jas), but also for making her seasonal and making them look like their parents, and making the sprites seasonal to. ♥
Also fixed the boy portraits to look a bit less like Vincent.
you rule Eros ♥

Ukrainian translation by ChulkyBow who made a whole Ukrainizacija mod

If you make a translation, feel free to post it in Forum or upload it as your own mod.
If you see any mistakes with the English, let me know.