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The old School House needs fixed before students can return to class.

Permissions and credits
Adds an old broken school house to pelican town near the playground. 
The Lazy version, the school is not in ruins, and does not need to be fixed.

The chance to fix it up will come with the special orders board.
The Woodpile inside the ruined school is where you take the items from the special order. 

If you don't want to wait for it to randomly appear on the board, in the smapi window enter debug specialorder Lewis9695 that will give you the mission.

It takes wood, hardwood, cloth, and gold bars.
In the ruined school house there is a woodpile you can put the stuff in.
Robin will send you a Letter the next day letting you know she got the stuff and will start working on repairs.
After 3pm, enter the farm. Robin will come tell you she is done with repairs.
The next non festival day, go to town 6:10am-2:50pm to see the school opening.
The school schedual changes will start the next day.

Lazy version the school is not broken.

Penny, Jas, and Vincent will go to school here once it is fixed. Even on rainy days.
if you have RSV installed the three kids from it will to go as well. They will not go on rainy days. Coming down in bad weather is dangerous.
(Also the town festivals might look weird with RSV, so there is config options to turn school off for festivals.)
The mod Fill the School added Leo as well as several other child NPCs

Works with
Stardew Valley Expanded
Reimagined 3
Away From Town (this is a mod I am making. Not currently available.)

Config options
Playground Expansion:
The mod comes with two options. basketball  and sandbox
you can also put in none so it's the normal playground
or you can make your own custom expansion. the config is open text so you can name it anything you want

then you have town festival on or off
this is incase you have another mod that changes festivals in that location, like Ridgeside Village, that would make it look weird

FarmTypeAFT: Don't worry about it.

Using Generic Mod Config Menu to change the playground while in game could cause NPCs to walk into the void if they are also in town.

Special Thanks
BURAKMESE, Turkish translation  
ChopaRumTur, Russian translation
Yklucas,  Portuguese translation 
wally232, Korean translation 
KatherineC4, Chinese Translation
Spanish by Deepeace
French by CarvenX22
and I did the English

Child NPC makers, check out this article to see which kids sit where.