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Realistic horse reskins with a variety of markings and color patterns for use with Adopt'n'Skin

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This horse skin pack for Adopt'n'Skin is a compliment to BFAV So Many Horses.

The horses are all textured with real horse colors, patterns, and markings in a variety of combinations, totaling 50 unique horses.
Saddles have also been redrawn. Each horse is available with a black saddle, brown saddle, or no saddle.

  1. Download and install Adopt'n'Skin.
  2. Download and unzip the horse pack of your choice (Black Saddle, Brown Saddle, No Saddle) or the Mega Pack that combines all three.
  3. Rename and place the files you want in the /assets/skins folder of Adopt'n'Skin. All horse files should be named Horse_[Skin ID], with the [Skin ID] being a unique number over 1.
  4. Additional Adopt'n'Skin instructions can be found here.

More Info
If you have any questions or requests, the fastest way to get to me is to ping or DM me (@asterochares#7302) on Discord.
Big thanks to Minerva (Minervamaga) for renaming these files so nobody else has to!