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Helpful Spouses (and Krobus) will perform one or more customizable chores every morning. By default this all happens in a balanced/lore-friendly way.

Permissions and credits
With Helpful Spouses installed you can control who will do what chores, and under what conditions. Not only that but it also adds a few new chores to the game like petting all the animals in the Barn/Coop and filling the water troughs in your Slime Hutch. The default configuration is intended to be a lore-friendly version. So Alex has a 100% chance of feeding your pet because he's always owned a dog, and he's used to taking care of his pets, Shane is more likely to pet the animals because he helped around the Barn at Marnie's, and Maru learned a thing or two from her mom so she's more likely to repair the fences.

The built-in chores currently available are:

  • BirthdayGift - On an NPCs birthday, your spouse will give you a gift that they like or love.
  • FeedTheAnimals - Animals in Barns/Coops will be fed.
  • FeedThePet - Your pet's water bowl will be filled.
  • MakeBreakfast - Spouse will give you a breakfast item in the morning.
  • PetTheAnimals - Animals will be loved.
  • RepairTheFences - Fences will be repaired.
  • WaterTheCrops - Hoed dirt will be watered.
  • WaterTheSlimes - Water troughs in slime hutches will be filled.

This Mod requires the Custom Chores as well as some Custom Chore content packs´╗┐ to work.

Configuration Options
After you run the game for the first time, the default config.json will be generated to the HelpfulSpouses folder. The following general options are available to customize:

Mod Settings
  • Daily Limit - Default 1. The maximum number of chores that a spouse will perform in one day. Set to 0 to disable.
  • Hearts Needed - Default 12. The minimum number of hearts required before a spouse will do chores.
  • GlobalChance - Default 1.0. The chance that a spouse will do any chores on a given day.
  • Spouses - For each spouse, configure what chores they can do, and what chance they have to do it.

Each Spouse will have a key for their name, and a list of chores that they can do. Every morning the mod will start with the first chore in that Spouse's list, and based on the Chance provided the spouse will either perform the chore or skip it. It'll continue to cycle through the chores in the given order until it has gone through all of them or the daily limit has been reached.

Help Wanted!
I always looking for suggestions on how to balance this mod and align it with the game's lore. What spouse should do which chores? If you have any opinions on the matter, please let me know in the comments.

The mod has generic dialogue for all chores, but adding that personal touch of spouse-specific dialogue would truly take this to the next level.
This call for help goes for all languages too since the mod supports localization.

This mod provides an API to add additional custom chores to the game. See the source code for some examples. All chores were implemented using the Custom Chores API.

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