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Custom Chores is a Framework that adds chores to the game. It's needed for Helpful Spouses and Help For Hire to work. Chores can be customized in Content Packs, and additional chores can be added by other mods!

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
  • Korean
  • German
Custom Chores doesn't do anything on it's own unless you just want to use the console commands to perform them (which is kind of like a Cheats menu). Paired with Helpful Spouses, and your spouse may perform one or more chore each day (customizable). With Help For Hire you can subscribe to chores, and gold will be deducted each morning to perform chores for you.

The built-in chores currently available are:

  • BirthdayGift - On an NPCs birthday, your spouse will give you a gift that they like or love.
  • FeedTheAnimals - Animals in Barns/Coops will be fed.
  • LoveThePets - Your pet's water bowl will be filled.
  • MakeBreakfast - Spouse will give you a breakfast item in the morning.
  • PetTheAnimals - Animals will be loved.
  • RepairTheFences - Fences will be repaired.
  • WaterTheCrops - Hoed dirt will be watered.
  • WaterTheSlimes - Water troughs in slime hutches will be filled.

Depending on the chores you want to enable in your game, you'll need to add Custom Chore content packs to your Mods folder.
Needs to be used with Helpful Spouses and/or Help for Hire for chores to actually be done in the morning depending on your preference.

Configuration Options
Each Custom Chore content pack has some level of configurability in it's chore.json file. You can customize the picture that shows up in the Help For Hire UI by replacing the assets/image.png file with your own. Additionally, dialogue for HelpfulSpouses can be found in each chore's i18n file whether to customize or translate.

Mod Settings
No configuration is needed for the CustomChores mod itself, but each chore has individual settings available

Birthday Gift
  • GiftType - "Birthday" Required for spouse to select a Birthday gift as an item if it's an NPCs birthday that day.
  • EnableUniversal - Default "false" Only applicable to Birthday. Should Universal Likes/Loves be included?
  • ChanceForLove - Default "0.1" Only applicable to Birthday. The chance that your Spouse gets an item the birthday NPC Loves.

  • EnableBarns - Default "true" Should Barn animals be fed?
  • EnableCoops - Default "true" Should Coop animals be fed?

  • FillWaterBowl - Default "true" Pet's water bowl will be filled up.
  • EnablePetting - Default "true" Pet will be loved for the day.

  • GiftType - Default "194 195 201 211" These item Ids are for breakfast foods. This can be copied for new chores with different items.

  • EnableFarm - Default "true" Fences placed on the Farm will be repaired.
  • EnableBuildings - Default "true" Fences placed in Buildings will be repaired.
  • EnableOutdoors - Default "true" Fences placed Outside will be repaired.

  • EnableFarm - Default "true" Crops on the Farm will be watered.
  • EnableBuildings - Default "true" Crops in Buildings will be watered.
  • EnableGreenhouse - Default "true" Crops in the Greenhouse will be watered.

Help Wanted!
I'm always looking for suggestions on new chores that can be added.

I'll graciously accept and credit any volunteers who can write some nice dialog for the various spouses/chores.
This call for help goes for all languages too since the mod supports localization.

I took screenshots for each chore which is what shows up in the Help for Hire UI. I'd love to have something more unique there, but I just lack the skills to do this on my own.

This mod provides an API to add additional custom chores to the game. See the source code for some examples. All chores were implemented using the Custom Chores API.

Check out my other mods
  • Help For Hire - To be used in addition to this mod. Allows you to pay a daily rate to have chores be done every morning.
  • Helpful Spouses - To be used with this mod. Has your Spouse doing a random chore everyday (for free).
  • Composter - Adds a machine to the game which produces Quality Fertilizer, Speed-Gro, and Deluxe Speed-Gro.
  • Mega Storage - I am currently the maintainer of this mod.