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Mega Storage is a content pack for Expanded Storage (XS) that adds Large Chests, Magic Chests, and Super Magic Chests to the game.

Permissions and credits

Mega Storage adds two new chests to the game, the Large Chest and the Magic Chest. The Large chest has a larger capacity than the default chest with 72 slots. The Magic chest has infinite storage.

This mod is now being maintained by furyx639. Thank you AmazingAlek for such a great mod!

Large Chest
Hold double the slots as a regular Chest (72).

Magic Chest
Hold infinite items.

Super Magic Chest
Infinite capacity, and every Super Magic Chest is linked to the same Junimo Chest Inventory.

Bag of Holding
Pulls dropped items directly into the bag instead of taking up your backpack space. Great for mining!

Expanded Storage is required. Names, Descriptions, and Recipes are saved in JsonAssets format under the assets folder.
Add Generic Mod Config Menu to easily configure all settings from the main menu.

Tested compatible with most mods updated to SDV 1.5 including - Chests Anywhere, Automate, Convenient Chests, Greenhouse Gatherers, Remote Fridge Storage, and many others...