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A custom NPC mod that adds a new face in town. Made possible with MissCoriel's Custom NPC template!

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  • Turkish
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Mandarin
  • German

Please report any bugs!

There's a new face in town and her name is Shiko Takahashi. She's a retired model who has decided to move from Zuzu City to Pelican Town in hopes to experience a simpler kind of lifestyle. Shiko's a bit of a mystery, kind of a whirlwind and very unpredictable. She's currently crashing at Gus's saloon, but she hopes to have a home to call her own one day. She's marriageable with her own custom heart events and schedule!

Check out the wiki page made by psychicberry for more info regarding Shiko!

Update: Working on something ;) 

- Install the latest version of SMAPI and Content Patcher
- Place in your "\Stardew Valley\Mods" folder

- Content Patcher

For Spouse Room:
- TMXLoader 
- PyTK

Known Bugs:
- Shows up at festivals, but disappears during the main events (For example, at the Flower dance you can ask her to dance, but once the dancing starts she disappears, so it looks like you're dancing on your own... kinda awkward. I have yet to figure out how to fix this;;)
- For saved games, she doesn't move until you at least talk to her, the next day her schedule seems to work just fine.
- If the wedding screen is black that's because your window isn't full-screened!

- Birthday: Winter 6
- Loves: Golden Pumpkin, Maki Roll, Pearl, Prismatic Shard, Red Plate, Ruby, Salad, Wine

Uninstalling (putting it under a spoiler because of its length):