Stardew Valley

About this mod

SpriteMaster resamples all of the game's artwork to make it look smoother - a so-called 'HD' effect, and also implements game optimizations and load-time improvements to make the game run faster.

Permissions and credits
SpriteMaster - Stardew Valley Mod (SMAPI / Harmony)

Stardew Valley mod that resamples all sprites using the xBRZ resizing algorithm.

Compatible with almost any content-modifying mod.

Also smooths lines (such as the fishing line) and reimplements snowstorm drawing so it looks much better as well as improves runtime and load performance.

All options are togglable, including resampling/smoothing.

The mod also incorporates patches for the game, for SMAPI, and for various mods to improve performance and the user's experience:

  • Various patches to game and SMAPI methods to improve both load-time and runtime performance.
  • Reworked snowstorm effect that isn't blinding or repetitive.
  • Completely reworked pathfinding to improve load times.
  • Supports both xBRZ and EPX resampling algorithms.

Compatible with Windows, Linux, and MacOS!


Source on GitHub