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Greatly expands Robin's dialogue, adding around 200 new lines. She'll now talk about her work, festivals, events, other townsfolk and will have much, much more to say about her family, as well as comments reflecting the player's current relationship with Sebastian, Maru and Demetrius.

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In my ongoing effort to stamp out repetitive dialogue and give Stardew Valley's support cast something more to say for themselves,  I've added a tremendous number of new lines for Robin, everyone's favorite red-headed carpenter and mother-of-two.

Robin will now reference events and festivals, will have more to say about her work, will talk about birthdays and about other townsfolk, and will have a lot more to say about her family, Sebastian in particular.  I added a number of lines reflective of the player's current heart-level with Sebastian, Maru and Demetrius, and many more lines for players who are dating or married to either of her children.

I tried, as far as possible, to adhere to the style of Robin's base-game dialogue.  Of course, with only 28 lines of dialogue in the base game, I didn't have a lot to work with!  I've included a copy of the content.json in the Documents tab, so if you'd like to get a taste of my writing style and the sort of things Robin will now say, please have a look.

** Installation Instructions **

Download the archive, extract the "More Personality for Robin" folder into Stardew Valley/Mods, fire up the game and enjoy a chattier version of Robin.

** Complementary Mods **

Pairs well with More Personality for Demetrius and gizzymo's Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion.  For Sebastian-mancers, Mal's Sebastian Expansion adds a number of post-marriage events and gives him some new lines as well.  I wish I could suggest a dialogue expansion for Maru but, alas, she has not gotten much love.