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Greatly expands Demetrius's base game dialogue. He will now comment on festivals, science, in-game events, more science, birthdays, other characters, and also has a few lines about science.

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Continuing on my long-term project of expanding the dialogue of Stardew Valley's support cast (i.e., the non-marriage candidates), I've turned my attention to Demetrius!  Local scientist, husband, and not-particularly-great stepfather!  "Oh, yes," you must be saying to yourself.  "I've always wanted to hear more from him."  Well, now you can.  Isn't that great?

He now has lines for every day of the week/season/heart level, comments for specific days, will talk more about his family and other townsfolk, will comment on birthdays, festivals and other events, has many more lines if you're married to Maru (or Sebastian), and will fill your brain with all sorts of SCIENCE FACTS.

I also swapped his doctor's appointment with Marnie's, so that he'll get a flu shot at the time of year in which you would actually get a flu shot.  And now Marnie will no longer have to visit the doctor on her birthday, so it's a win all around.

Appears to be working fine with 1.4, though I'll admit I did the bulk of testing prior to the update's release.  Please report any bugs or weirdness, thanks!

** Complementary Mods **

If you're looking at this mod at all, you're probably aware of gizzymo's Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion.  I highly recommend using the mods alongside one another.  I've left gaps in Demetrius's dialogue that gizzymo's mod fills.