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Adds about 2500 new lines of dialogue across all 33 characters who have a heart level. Requires Content Patcher

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Is this mod compatible with other dialogue mods?

-Yes, sort of. If you install this mod along with another dialogue mod, all dialogue changes will be implemented. Exceptions are if two mods add/replace/modify the same "slot" in the code, which frequently happens. Ex: Two mods want to change Shane's winter_4 dialogue. The mod that is loaded last will be the one you'll see in game. Mods load in alphabetical order, as they appear in your Mods folder.

What's in this dialogue expansion mod?

-1500+ new day-to-day dialogue messages for ALL 33 characters who have a heart level. When starting a new game, most dialogue is the same as vanilla, but as you raise characters' heart levels in increments of 2, they tend to open up more often and become more personal, vulnerable, and/or philosophical.

-Approximately 600 new marriage dialogue messages across all 12 spouses (about 50 per spouse).
Note: Flirty, PG-rated dialogue that indicates physical intimacy is now a little more common. ConcernedApe had a couple of suggestive lines, so I took this concept and expanded on it a bit. All new marriage dialogue is SFW.

-There are also about 400 new dialogue messages for festivals.
Year 1 features the same festival dialogue as vanilla. Years 2 and 3 each get a brand new set of dialogue. For year 4 and beyond, the year 3 dialogue set is reused.
(The night market is not included.)

What can I expect, specifically, in the new day-to-day lines of dialogue?

-See for yourself if you'd like: The readme in the Docs tab contains the full script of the content.json file (that is, all changes/additions to the game script). Skim through it to see if my writing style is to your liking. (Spoilers, obviously.)

-A majority of the new lines are for bachelors and bachelorettes, but minor characters also see their number of lines double, triple, or quadruple.

-Dialogue possibilities also frequently change with the season, as with vanilla, but this is more likely to happen than before.

-Bachelors and bachelorettes become a bit flirtier at 10 hearts.

-There are a dozen or so new multiple choice dialogue prompts.

-There is new day-before-festival dialogue for many characters (but not in excess).

-Most characters have unique messages to acknowledge new year's eve and new year's day, instead of just treating it like another ordinary day.

-Almost all characters who had rainy day dialogue now have a 50/50 chance at one of two possible rainy day lines, instead of just one. Due to the coding, I had to make some minor edits, condensing some of these messages from two dialogue boxes to just one. This was a small change that had to be made for the sake of better dialogue variety. (There is also only a 50% chance that rainy day dialogue triggers at all when it rains, unchanged from vanilla.)

What is your writing style like?

-My writing style is as close to ConcernedApe's as I could make it. I avoid contradictions with the game's established canon like the plague. Creative additions to characters are based on logical possibilities that use the canon as a starting point. For example, in this mod, Vincent says his favorite flavor of ice cream is mint chip, because A) he likes receiving ice cream as a gift, B) mint chip is a popular flavor IRL that associates well with his peppy personality, and C) there's nothing in the canon that contradicts this. This is a typical example of how far I take liberties with the game's original text (i. e. usually not too terribly far, though there are also some bolder examples).

-This mod is good for veterans and first-time players alike: No characters undergo radical changes in personality. So if two players met, one having played with this mod and one having played without, they would have more or less the same "feel" of all characters.

-All new content is SFW. Subject material and language are at the same "PG" level as vanilla. (i. e. hell and damn are the worst the language gets and are still rare.)

Is this compatible in multiplayer?

-It is fully compatible in multiplayer, even if only one player has this mod installed, while others do not. (Players without the mod would not see the new dialogue, of course, but there should be no additional performance bugs that result from having this mod installed in a multiplayer game.)

How do I install?

Requires SMAPI and Content Patcher

1. Download and unzip this mod. You should see a folder titled [CP] Stardew Valley Dialogue Expansion.
2. Locate your Stardew Valley folder. Go to Stardew Valley > Mods.
3. Drag and drop the folder [CP] Stardew Valley Dialogue Expansion into Mods. All done!

*In the case of more official content updates, I will update this mod so that it remains compatible with all official material.*

Please post or PM me if you find more issues that need fixing, or if you have critical feedback for any dialogue that seems inconsistent with the game's lore/canon.