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Dynamically replaces the textures of your children to match the likeness of your spouse. Works in Multiplayer!
Supports altering the appearance using a command, make your child look like any NPC!

Permissions and credits
Not Far From The Tree is a SMAPI mod that dynamically replaces the textures of your Children to match that of your spouse. This mod is only a dynamic texture replacer tool, but makes use of the Babies Take After Spouse textures by default.


- Ensure that you have SMAPI installed
- Unzip the latest version of NFFTT into your "~\Mods" Folder

- Delete the "NotFarFromTheTree" folder from your "~\Mods" Folder

This mod will override the appearance of your children. Any other mods that may do so may cause interferences.

This mod does support Multiplayer. Children will not save or synchronize across players unless the Host is also using the mod.

Hosts that do not wish to use the textures, but want to allow Farmhands to make use of it, can install the mod and delete the contents of the "assets" folder. This will not override any vanilla textures, but will save the data for Farmhands.

Altering Appearances

If you want a child to appear like an ex-spouse, or your child was adopted and you want to alter the appearance of that child, there's a command for that! Any Farmer (even in multiplayer) may run the command to alter their children. You must be inside of your house to run the command.

The command must be run from SMAPI.

child_parent {gender} {NPC}
child_parent boy Haley
child_parent girl Emily

The Vanilla game does not save a childs' parent. If you would like to alter the appearance of children that were born before installing this mod, you may also run this command. The mod will save the parent.

Custom NPCs

Your children can take after the appearance of any NPC using the available command, even if they are unmarriable, as long as textures for that NPC are provided in the "~\Mods\NotFarFromTheTree\assets" Folder.

Modded NPCs should work, but you must provide textures for them. Please report any issues if they do not work.

⤷ assets
⤷ {Parent}
⤷ Baby.png
⤷ Baby_dark.png
⤷ Toddler.png
⤷ Toddler_dark.png
⤷ Toddler_girl.png
⤷ Toddler_girl_dark.png

Any asset that is not found in the {Parent} folder will use the Vanilla texture.

The default installation makes use of the textures from Babies Take After Spouse by Lakoria

Other textures that can be used can be found below
- Babies Take After Spouse (Default)
Toddlers Take After Parents
Toddlers Like Parents
- Babies Like Parents
Alternate Toddlers


This mod operates on two principles:
1. Players can only have one child of each Gender
2. Children do not leave the players house.

If either of these principles are altered by another mod, bugs may occur.

Please report any issues you may come across.