Stardew Valley

About this mod

Replaces the standard options tab, adding the function of editing the settings of installed modifications. Provides api for modders.

Permissions and credits
How many modifications have you installed?
Installed a modification but the key bindings pre-installed by the developer do not suit you?
Many of the mods you install may have settings that you did not even suspect.

On the mod settings tab, you can change the modification settings in a user-friendly environment, cautioning against making configuration file errors.

It also provides api for modders, which allows you to change the settings of modifications without rebooting.
Integrations with popular modifications will be added with future updates.

Information for modders:

you can learn how to use integration on the wiki  Modder_Guide/APIs/Integrations

An example of how you can get any changes to your settings through the API:


you can override the type and add a description of your settings (as well as localization to them) by adding "settingsTab.json" to the root of your mod.

to facilitate the consciousness of settings add

"$ schema": "",

at the beginning of your settingsTab.json
NOTE: each of your parameters must have a name that matches JSON Path

for example:


you can skip most options and translations.
currently available options are:

source code available on github