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a large immersive farm map with quarry, hot spring, private beach, and more!

Permissions and credits

  • crop fields designed to fit iridium sprinklers
  • animal pens with invisible barriers
  • replaces vanilla STANDARD farm

  • renewable hardwood and foraging area
  • quarry area with stone, ores, etc
  • hot spring pool for energy regeneration (path south of forest exit)
  • private beach with beach forage (right-click boat)
  • upgraded farm cave (optional)
  • various minecarts and shortcuts for fast travel around the farm
  • compatible with SVE, SVR2, and most recolours



  • install SMAPI, Content Patcher, DaisyNiko's Tilesheets, and Farm Type Manager
  • download this mod and add all the folders to Stardew Valley/Mods
  • start a new save on the Standard farm
  • if you want to use a different farmcave mod, open the config.json file and change "EnableFarmCave" from "true" to "false"


note: in case any debris or anything spawns in the spa area and you need to remove it manually, there is a shortcut to bypass the waterfall so you don't change into swimwear and therefore aren't able to use tools


thank u for reading goodbye