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05/05/2021 UPDATE: on a bit of a hiatus right now because i'm super busy with irl stuff. i should be back within the next few months or so. especially when 1.5 comes out on mobile. as always, feel free to do whatever you want with my mods as long as you give credit to the original. if you want to upload unofficial updates to any of my maps on other websites, please feel free to do so and link them in the comments of the original mod so other users can find them. i'll pin the comments if i see them. just please don't upload fixes/updates as new mods on nexus. thanks for your patience. :) see you again soon



kia ora


feel free to message me on here or discord if you've got any questions about my mods!! and if you want to support me and my obsession with this game, you can buy me a coffee here x

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