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This mod changes the letters to have both parents involved, add some custom letters, and allows free choice of the parents.

Permissions and credits
This mod changes letters :
- Both parents will write you letters now, and mention the other parent (there is a config option if you still want to receive letters for only one parent)
- You can choose freely who will write you letters : same sex parents are possible, for example.
- This mod adds 4 letters you can receive during year 1

Update 1.1.0
Adds 6 new letters. Some letters include gift from the parent(s). You should be able to see any of the letter in year 2 or after, when it's the right time.

When will the new letters arrive ?

Config options :
Parents : 1 or 2 : decide if only one parent write you letters, or if both will do
ChangeMails : True or False : will change the letters to mention both parents and being able to change their names. It's suggested to disable it only in case of conflict with another mod.
MoreMails : True or False : will add the 4 new letters you'll receive during the first year.
Parent1 : enter whatever you want : it will be the name of the first parent. If you decide to use the config to have only one parent, this will be their name.
Parent2 : enter whatever you want : it will be the name of the second parent.

Tired of having your parent writing only when you gain money ? Disappointed to see no mention of the other parent ? In need of more diversity ? Then this mod is for you !

Installation :
Install the latest version of SMAPI.
Install the latest version of Content Patcher.
Extract this mod into the \Stardew Valley\Mods\ folder.
Run the game once to create the config file.
Edit the config.json file if you want (default names of parents in this mod are Mom and Mumsi : you can change them to whatever you prefer !)

Compatibility :
This mod should be compatible with mod adding mails.

Thanks for Mouse and Minerva for their help !

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