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This mod changes behavior of the town's train's loot and hopefully for the better.

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Better Train Loot

This mod changes behavior of the town's train loot and hopefully for the better.  

Better Train Loot allows you to:
  • Fine-tune each train type item list.  Some items are only available by train type.
  • Each day now can have up multiple trains per day. (Up to 5 trains)
  • A certain train type has a very small chance of dropping a Stardrop.
  • Present Trains can have up to 3 times more items and has more chance of dropping items.
  • Various configurable settings

How To install

Download and unzip the file and place the Better Train Loot folder into the Stardew Valley Mod folder. 
This is assuming you have SMAPI installed

Stardew Valley version 1.5 Configuration Changes
Two new configuration settings have been added relating to the Island. 
  • showIslandTrainIsComingMessage - Default: false, don't show the message if a train is going thru town while you are on the island
  • enableIslandTrainWhistle -Default: false, don't make the train sound if you are on the island
These can be changed in the config.json file.  This file is created the first time the mod is loaded.
More Information
For configuration settings, please look at the read me at Better Train Loot Github site.

  • In Multiplayer games, the host game controls the number of trains and the mod is disabled on farmhand games.
  • In Multiplayer games, the farmhands don't appear to get the standard train message.  This mod sends out a chat message.
  • In Multiplayer games, the farmhands trains appear to be a little lagging. I think this a base game issue, but it could be mod related.  I'm still looking into this.
  • The config setting maxNumberOfItemsPerTrain only applies to the treasure this mod produces.  The base game can/will create items also so the total amount of items can be greater than what is set.


There should not be any need for localization.

Thank You!
  • Balentay for giving me the idea for this mod.
  • To my testers: SparkyTheCat and My Better Half  -- Thank you!

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