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About this mod

Changes the way the town garbage cans work.

Permissions and credits
Better Garbage Cans

This mod changes behavior of the town's garbage cans and hopefully for the better.  

Better Garbage Cans allows you to:
  • Fine-tune each garbage can item list.  Some items are only available at certain times.
  • Allow user to check the garbage cans multiple times a day.  By default, if you don't find anything you can recheck the garbage can in 60 (1 hour) game minutes.  If you do find something, you can recheck in 240 game minutes (4 hours)
  • While in a multiplayer game and each player has the mod, each farmer/farmhand can get items from the cans.
  • Depending on where someone lives, their favorite item might be found in a garbage can the day before and on their birthday.  Mayor Lewis garbage can is the best place to look for birthday gifts for character that don't have a garbage can.
  • Various configurable settings

How To install

Download and unzip the file and place the Better Garbage Cans folder into the Stardew Valley Mod folder.  This is assuming you have SMAPI installed already.

More Information
For configuration settings, please look at the read me at Better Garbage Can Github site.

Mod Conflicts
There is a minor conflict with the Automate  mod.  The Automate mod will only use it's copy of the game logic item list.  Depending on your config settings, you will be able to still check the garbage cans manually and will get the mod items.

Thank You!
  • Sylverlyf for giving me the idea for this mod.
  • To my testers: SparkyTheCat and My Better Half  -- Thank you!
  • Pathoschild for some coding help.

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