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How many of you finish the fish tank and then place the copper pan into a chest to never be seen again? If you want the pan to be useful, then this is the mod for you.

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Better Panning

Better Panning allows you to:

  • Fine-tuned game areas so the chance of getting a panning spot out of reach is greatly reduced.  In fact, sometimes the panning spots are on the ground next to the water.

  • The Beach now can have panning spots

  • Custom treasure list.  With Better Panning you don't just get ore.  You can get any item.  With that said, the following types of items are by default configured to be panned:
        - Ore and Ore Bars
        - Gems, Minerals, Geodes, and previously found geode minerals
        - Seed packets.  You can find seeds for the next season or if you're in winter you can find seeds from all the other seasons too.
        - Rings and boots
        - Rare items like pearls, prismatic shards, treasure chests
        - Undiscovered Artifacts.  Only the undiscovered artifacts can be panned but once you find all the artifacts, all the artifacts will be available to pan.
        - Fishing Tackle
        - Totems
        - Coal, Rice, and the occasional trash

  • While holding the pan, see the general direction and distance to the panning spot.  Beware, sometimes the fish seem eat the panning spots so get to them quickly.

  • Various configurable settings

How To install
Download and unzip the file and place the Better Panning folder into the Stardew Valley Mod folder.

More Information
For configuration settings, please look at the read me at Better Panning GitHub site.

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