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Adds a custom marriageable NPC named Sorren who is a miner.

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Mandarin
Sorren is a little grumpy and shy at first, but once you get to know him, you'll see he's really just a big teddy bear. Find out what brought this almost-middle-aged miner to Stardew Valley and what secrets are hidden beneath his gruff exterior by befriending him and maybe even marrying him!

New: Sorren for Mobile Phone mod by ShatteredEffect!

Sorren shows up at the Saloon a day after the landslide unblocks the Mines on Spring 5th

  • a ruggedly handsome miner
  • marriageable
  • fully gender-neutral dialogue
  • tragic backstory
  • he's shirtless in one of his heart events eheh
  • now shows up at festivals! (except Spirit's Eve)
  • compatible with SVE (not required)
  • custom spouse room! (optional)
  • a variety of optional alternative portraits
  • optional Boarding House compatibility
  • Portuguese translation available (thanks, gustoteck & adamcllns!)


- Install the latest version of SMAPI and Content Patcher (and TMXLoader if you want spouse room)
- Unzip the folder and its contents
- Place into your "\Stardew Valley\Mods" folder

No longer needed since SMAPI will get rid of uninstalled NPC references in save data for you!
For older versions, please see Papaya's wonderful instructions on Shiko's page
(this is also unnecessary if you use the Boarding House)

Sorren's Details:

Now your children can look like Sorren with Toddlers like parents mod! Thanks, Lumisteria!

If you also have SVE, Sorren IS compatible, but 2 heart events will have some trees partially blocking view (and one the farmer appears to walk through). They won't cause any problems and they will go transparent so you can still see, but you may want to chop those trees down before triggering the events. I have included a couple pics in the Media tab to show you which ones.

Special Thanks:
MissCoriel and her Custom NPC Template
Shiko by Papaya
Sexy Hairy Clint by Bluestarkiller
Pathoschild, hatmouse, MouseyPounds, clownkind, Fippsie, Siv, GinnyClaire, Ran/ranfuu, Kathryn Hazuka, Charxter, the modding discord, and the SDV wiki!
gustoteck for the Portuguese translation!