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Works if you hold activation key. Mod will automatically select right tool to interact with the block in your hit location.

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Works if you hold activation key. Mod will automatically select right tool to interact with the block in your hit location.
  1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
  2. Download this mod and unzip it into Stardew Valley/Mods.
  3. Run the game using SMAPI.
  4. Change config options. Config file will be created after opening the game.
How it works
If player holds left Ctrl , is directed to the tile and hovers cursor over it, mod will choose the right tool from player's toolbox that can interact with it. Mod chooses :
  • Axe for stump, log, tree, twig or giant crop
  • Pickaxe for stone, meteorite, 2x2 rock
  • Melee Weapon for weeds, ice crystal, mine barrel, grass, crops harvestable only by scythe and dead crops (prioritizing scythe on farm and greenhouse)
  • Hoe for diggable field, artifact spots (worm)
  • Watering can for water sources (including well) or hoed fields on farm
  • Fishing rod for water outside farm
Mod will prioritize first tool in toolbox, if you have multiple tools that can do the same (e.g. from another player). Scythe on farm is an exception.

Freeze bug
Sometimes when using tool you can be stuck in this tool animation. There is a workaround: take scythe or weapon to your hand and use it. Then you should be able to move again.

Config options
ActivationKey (LCtrl) - when hold, mod is activated.
ToggleKey (F5) - press to turn on/off mod.
Here is list of keys 

HoeSelect - true: mod will select hoe when you target ground. I recommend to set false.
IfNoneToolChooseWeapon - true: mod will select weapon/scythe when none tool was chosen. Works better with HoeSelect=false, 
RideHorseCursor - true: mod will use cursor location to determine which tool should be chosen while riding horse (tractor), false: mod will use tool hit location to  determine which tool should be chosen while riding horse (tractor). I recommend to set true, but false might be useful for controller.
PickaxeOverWareringCan - true: mod will select pickaxe on hoed dirt, instead of watering can. Can be used to collect clay. Works better with HoeSelect=true. I recommend to set false.

  • Works with Stardew Valley 1.3.36 on Linux/Mac/Windows.
  • Pre 1.1 Mod still changes tool after releasing activation key
  • Pre 1.2 Does't switch into weapon if you are about to fight. With IfNoneToolSelectWeapon set on true you should be able to change tool to weapon fast.
  • Pre 1.4.1 If you ride horse, mod didn't recognize big debris.
  • Pre 1.4.2 Mod doesn't work in greenhouse.
  • Pre 1.6 Mod sometimes freeze the game while using tool. unfortunately it can still happen.
  • 1.0 First version
  • 1.0.1 Added update key to manifest file
  • 1.1 Mod no longer select tool if player released activation key. Player can choose in config if mod should change tool to hoe if he is targeting ground.
  • 1.2 Player can decide if weapon should be equipped if none of tool was. Fishing rod is selected if player clicks activation key pointing at water outside Farm.
  • 1.3 Now player can can be activated or deactivated two ways: by holding LCtrl or pressing F5.
  • 1.4 Mod will now work with tractor. When player is on horse (tractor), instead of tool hit location mod uses cursor location to determine which tool should be equipped. Mod will now select scythe for crops, that are harvestable only by it and for dead crops.
  • 1.4.1 Bug fixes and new options in config.
  • 1.4.2 Mod doesn't work when player have menu opened or cutscene is played. Fixed "greenhouse" bug
  • 1.5 Fixed game freezing bug. Mod will not try to change tool when player is using tool. This may slow down process of cleaning debris, but at least bug should not appear.
  • 1.6 Fixed a bug, with golden scythe being chosen instead of weapons. Hopefully fixed a bug, when game freeze sometimes using this mod.
  • 1.7 Now mod is configurable by Generic Mod Config Menu.
  • 2.1 Added dependency to manifest file
  • 2.2 Generic Mod Config Menu is no longer required. Fixed bug, that appeared in forest, when mod is active player could enter woods. Added a lock graphic to show when mod is active. Added a config option to help players with mods that change tool hit location.
My thoughts
I didn't tested it much in practice (just checked if it works as I programmed), but I think that it is more effective to not hold activation key all the time. More productive would be switching between tools after several seconds. It shouldn't be useful anywhere but on farm while clearing, digging and watering fields and in mines in levels with barrels or ice crystals. Default swapping into weapon might be very useful, since weapons is needed to fight with monsters in mines and holding it doesn't provide any energy downsides and it is better than bare hand that can be filled by random item.
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