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some quality-of-life edits for the player and some love for dusty

Permissions and credits
- features -

> open pen and a cute (seasonal) dog house for dusty
> dialogue for dusty that changes depending on weather/festival/relationship with alex
> stairs for access to the hill behind the joja mart
> stairs and bridge at the north end of the river for better mountain access
> bush to the right of the sewer removed so horse can fit through
> graveyard fence shifted so you can walk behind the tree
> removed all the rubbish outside pam's trailer

- installation -

1. download and install smapi and content patcher
2. unzip mod folder into stardew valley/mods
3. run the game with smapi

- credits -

> dusty's house heavily inspired by eemie's victorian buildings
> kind of used taelende's pethouse as a base

- note -

dusty won't come out during alex's four-heart event because it would look super weird if he did and i can't be bothered going through and redoing everything just to accommodate that one event. so i've made him stay in his house instead. but to make it up to you i've given him cute little messages that you can read if you go up and click on him