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► Sleepovers is a mod that lets best friends hang out without a curfew.

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Sleepovers lets you spend the night with close friends. 🌙 But only if they are okay with it.

If a compatible NPC is sleeping, activate them to ask about spending the night. Your friendship with the NPC will play a large role in their response, and if they say no, you won't be able to bring it up again until the next day.

Pestering NPCs you don't know that well about it might have a negative effect on your relationship, while actually having sleepovers with good friends will likely improve your relationship with them even further.

   Multiplayer Compatible!

   Spend the night with friendly NPCs 😊

   Does not require the mod to be installed for all players in multiplayer (but only those with the mod can participate in sleepovers).

   Decompress and drag the contained mod folder into your /Stardew Valley/Mods/ folder.

   Interact with an NPC that is sleeping, to see if they want some company.

   Some NPCs are blacklisted, mostly because they have no bed or it wouldn't be appropriate. You can edit blacklist.json to add your own.

   Pestering NPCs that you are not really friends with will likely result in losing friendship points with them.

   Spending the night with a good friend will likely improve your friendship.

   You can only ask each NPC once per day.

Thanks for checking out this mod! ❤️ We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
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