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► Lockpicks is a mod for criminals. Visiting hours are merely a suggestion.

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lets you attempt to pick your way through locked doors. It will allow you to access locations early, referring to both time of day, and progression-wise. (As such, it could be considered somewhat unbalanced.) Curious? Missing your favorite NPC? Or just want to buy some seeds on a Wednesday? This could be the mod for you!

Multiplayer Compatible!

Multi-lingual! It should support every language the game supports. Uses some machine translations (for now), if you have a correction or suggestion please post it and I'll get it merged in.

Lockpicks work on most bedroom doors, exterior doors, and even a few special doors (like the sewer grate).

Once a lock is picked, it will remain unlocked for all players for the rest of the day.

Lockpicks have a very small chance of breaking on use.

Ensure that Json Assets 1.6.0 or newer is installed.

Decompress and drag the contained mod folder into your /Stardew Valley/Mods/ folder.

Purchase a lockpick from Krobus.

With the lockpick in your inventory, interacting with a locked door will provide a prompt offering the use of a lockpick.

Thanks for checking out this mod! ❤️ We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
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