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Are you a little OCD sometimes? This map is definitely for you. Several small improvements were made to make this farm more OCD friendly!

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Changes to the vanilla farm:

1. That annoying cliff on the left side of the map? Yeah, that's gone now. Replaced with a nice straight line all the way down.  
2. The big pond on the farm is no longer right in the way in the middle! I moved it off to the left and made it a little smaller. You can walk from north to south in a straight line now. You're welcome ;) 
3. That weird zig zag cliff on the bottom right? GONE. Nice flat corner! Also, the whole bottom cliff is gone, because why is there a cliff there? Geographically it made no sense. The cliffs and mountains belong only on the north, and that's where I've put them. 
4. There was an awkward amount of grass to the right of the greenhouse. Like, it's all dirt and then BAM random grass? No thanks. I made that just one tile wide so it doesn't look weird anymore. This gives you one extra buildable tile there. It also deleted the stupid looking stone path leading up to the cave. 
5. Speaking of, I gave our farm cave the entrance it deserves (the same one as the mine has)
6. Our poor pets are starving and thirsty! I changed the fillable water bowl to a permanently full water bowl, AND a seasonal food bowl.
7. Those irritating bushes in the top right of the map are gone now, giving you more space. 
8. The small watering pond bothered the heck out of me. It was too close to the side of the map, a bit too tall to fit nicely with a good junimo layout, and just a weird shape. I took a leaf out of the HM playbook and made it a nice rectangle and moved it over one tile and down. 


THIS WILL REPLACE YOUR ENTIRE FARM.XNB FILE (THE STANDARD FARM MAP) via Content Patcher. If you want to play with the original vanilla map, you'll need to remove this mod from your Mods folder temporarily. Also, note that switching back and forth can create some problems with your grass and debris. Such as it spawning over top of the big pond. A mega bomb next to the pond will take care of that problem. 


Unzip the file into the Mods folder. Content Patcher will take care of the rest!


1.2 - Fixed the lantern by the Farm Cave. It lights up at night now! General bug fixes. Fixed the bottom fence line and the piece of cliff I missed when first editing the map.