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Hi! I'm just a girl in my late twenties in love with the video game world. I'm an avid player of many genres who decided that I wanted to mold some aspects of the game to my own desires, and thus I taught myself how to mod. I've been modding since February 2019. At this time I only mod for Stardew Valley. I'm located in America, in the EST time zone. 


I specialize in map modding, and dabble in pixel art. My style is clean and organized - OCD one might say. Many of my mods are quality of life visual improvements to maps in the game that are more efficient. 



At this time, I have taken a break from modding to spend more time focusing on my mental health, and more time with my family. This break is NOT permanent. I do plan to come back and mod more in the (near?) future. Feel free to message me, as I do check them every month or so. 



  • My main project is Sundrop City, where I am an Admin. That project is also on hold while 3/4 of the admins deal with real life issues, but will be up and running again soon! 
  • I also spearheaded the Populate Custom Furniture push to take all of the old furniture replacement mods and add them as new items in the game using the Custom Furniture mod's framework. We have several finished conversions, and would love for more people to join up and help get permissions and work on furniture sets.