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Library mod used by my other mods. Doesn't do much on its own.

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This is a library/core mod, containing bits of code that all my other mods use. It has some functions to make small bytecode changes to Stardew Valley in a way that is somewhat update proof, but also makes sure it reliably breaks in cases where it isn't. My other mods contain descriptions of byte code changes and passes those to StardewHack to apply them. Without any of my other mods installed, StardewHack won't do much.

While I could just package a copy of this core mod with all my other mods, that allows people to have mixed versions, which cause really weird bugs. Having StardewHack as a separate mod ensures there's only one copy and thus no version issues.

Used by
This library is used by the following mods:FAQ
Do the mods also work on Android? With the exception of Bigger Backpack and Wear More Rings, the mods also work on Android.

Does mod x work on the latest version of Stardew Valley? Please check the SMAPI mod compatibility page for up-to-date information. The mods that broke in 1.5 have been updated. If there's no download for 1.5, then the download for 1.4 will also work on 1.5.

Known bugs
Please report bugs on GitHub.
  • StardewHack has been built on Linux and therefore needs rewriting to work on Windows. SMAPI does this automatically, however if during startup Stardew Valley hangs on Loading StardewHack.dll (rewritten in memory)..., this is probably due to your virus scanner preventing SMAPI from doing so.
  • User friendly error messages in the log file.
  • In game error message for when patches fail to apply cleanly.
  • Updated for Stardew Valley 1.4
  • Improved IL searching capabilities.
  • Fix error message upon start for android.
  • Also warn when patch fails due to method not being found or being ambiguous.
  • Changed how StardewHack finds the methods it wants to patch.
  • Fix incompatibility with SkillPrestige.CookingSkill causing Failed to find method errors.
  • StardewHack 5.0 is cursed and does not exist.
  • Updated to use Harmony 2.1 and support SMAPI 3.12
  • Fixes the System.InvalidOperationException: Late bound operations cannot be performed on types or methods for which ContainsGenericParameters is true. issue.
  • Fixed issue with System.AppDomain.DefineDynamicAssembly for compatibility with SDV 1.5.5 beta