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I wanted to use Endohare's Gold Clock recolor mod but it was still using Seasonal Immersion instead of Content Patcher. I only wanted to use the recolor Nantucket, as I thought it fit Eemie's Victorian Seasonal Buildings mod best. I figured I'd upload it in case anyone else wanted to use it as well since I went ahead and made this for my own use.

Permissions and credits
All the credit goes to Endohare and mangoruffy since her mod, CP Seasonal Victorian Cabin (Inspired by Eemie's Seasonal Victorian Buildings), largely helped me code!

Mango Ruffy's Mod:

Endohare's Original Mod:

Endohare, please let me know if you want me to take this down or not once you update! I have no qualms about it. I'll also link this thread to your original mod in the posts for others to view.