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About this mod

I felt really bad that my friend didn't also have a beautiful victorian-style cabin to match my house, so I spent a long time working with the graphics in Eemie's original mod to create a matching cabin.

Permissions and credits
Disclaimer: I'd like to note that while I edited graphics to make these cabins, I don't consider the art mine! All credit goes to user eemie for making their original amazing mod which you can find here. Eemie, if you're looking at this, please feel free to have me take this down--I don't plan to update this, especially if you eventually come out with an official cabin mod.

What this mod does:
Replaces every type of cabin (Stone, Plank, Log) with a Victorian-style seasonal cabin that matches Eemie's original seasonal Victorian buildings.

What you need to use this:
  • This mod is only for Stardew's 1.3 beta, so make sure you're using that.
  • You'll need the beta version of SMAPI which you can find here.
  • This is a Content Patcher mod, so you will also need to download the beta of that here.

How to use:
  • First install SMAPI, which will require you to launch the game through the API. Follow the Player Guide on the website for instructions.
  • Put the unzipped Content Patcher mod folder in the Mods folder of your game files.
  • Put the unzipped folder named "[CP] Eemie-inspired Seasonal Victorian Cabin" in the Mods folder of your game files.

This is my first mod ever, and I don't 100% understand SMAPI or Content Patcher 'w' BUT IT SHOULD WORK. At least... spring does. So...let me know if anything breaks. Also some of the roof is kind of wonky because I'm not a pixel art wizard, I'm more of a potatoshop apprentice. I did my best q_q