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Add Walls and Floors via Content Pack.

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2.1.2 Fixes connected rooms in FHR

2.1.1 Fixes a bug where sometimes the walls mess up custom farmhouse walls on non-wall tiles
(if that happened, you can use the console command reset_walls to remove all custom walls and floors, save & reload after that)

2.1.0 Multiplayer update, all players need to have the same version of the mod and the same packs for this to work.

2.0.0 Reworking of the mod. Works with older content packs, but does not load prior saved walls/floors, so they need to be placed again.

1.1.2 adds support for animated Tiles, see Template file to see how this is done.
If you don't want animated tiles you do not need to include a settings.json file.

1.1.2 changes how the data is stored so, after updating, your walls and floors will have to be placed again on older saves.

To create a ContentPack for CWF, write a standard manifest.json and add a "walls.png" and/or "floors.png" file.
You can download a simple template under Optional Files.
Added Custom Walls and Floors can be obtained through the Wallpaper Catalogue.

Custom W&Fs are added, they do no override vanilla W&Fs.
Without ContentPacks this Mod does nothing.
Custom Walls & Floors does not work in Multiplayer.

Requires SMAPI & PyTK.