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Zythalia Serpentwined and adelein13

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Adds 18 new halloween and goth-themed wallpapers and 16 new floors to the game using Platonymous' Custom Walls and Floors mod.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds custom wallpaper and flooring to your game without having to overwrite any of the vanilla ones. It requires SMAPI, Content Patcher, Platonymous Toolkit, and Custom Walls and Floors, so make sure all of those are updated before trying to use this content pack.

How to Install
  • Download the file and unzip it into your Stardew Valley/Mods folder.

How to Use
  • The wallpapers and floors don't show up in the CJB item spawner menu, so you have to use the Catalogue. For some currently unknown reason, all custom wallpapers listed in the Catalogue cost 100G instead of being free. These are both bugs in CWF, which should hopefully be fixed soon.

Thumbnail Credits

Originally I was just intending to directly port the original mod to CWF, but then I wanted to fill up the row on the tilesheet and try animating something so uhhh there you go. Because of the animation thing I put two options in for the eye wallpaper, one that blinks and one that doesn't (second and first, respectively). Next I'm going to try and port the Spooky Gothic Furniture mod by the same author(s), but I'm not sure how long it'll take because I need to teach myself how.
Edit (2020): Someone's ported Spooky Gothic Furniture to Content Patcher so if you're reading this now and want Spooky Gothic Furniture without an .xnb mod just search that up. xoxo

Update v1.0.2: The Mod Works Now.  Yikes.