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Add an otherworldly scarecrow to your Fall Farm! The Pumpkin King is infused with the pure essence of pumpkins and causes an eerie effect on pumpkins growing near him!

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Happy Halloween!

This Fall, add The Pumpkin King to your Farm to watch over your yummy pumpkins!
The very presence of the Pumpkin King causes nearby pumpkins to grow even faster!


The Pumpkin King is a special edition of Nightmare Scarecrows that adds additional effects to your Farm...if you can offer up the necessary materials...!!!

Special Effects:
1. Pumpkins within the scarecrow's radius now grow 25% faster! Stacks with SpeedGro/Deluxe SpeedGro & the Agriculturist profession as well as other nearby Pumpkin Kings! Pumpkins can grow as fast as 5 days!!
2. The scarecrow acts an eerie light source on your Farm at night. (Feel free to change the light color in the [CustomFarmingRedux] .json file)
3. Can be picked up and moved normally. However, if a pumpkin doesn't sense the presence of The Pumpking King any longer, it will lose any growth benefits it had.


Special Thanks To: Mel Noelle for her artwork!

This mod also requires CustumFarmingRedux 2.9.8.

Download/Install Instructions:
Working versions of Stardew Valley:
- 1.3.32

- Install SMAPI
- Unzip the contents
- Copy the "[CFR]The Pumpkin King" folder into your Stardew Valley\Mods\CustomFarmingRedux\Machines\ folder
- Copy the "The  Pumpkin King" folder into your Stardew Valley\Mods folder

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