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Add NEW, animated scarecrows to the game - Nightmare Rarecrows!

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For a special Pumpkin King Scarecrow, check out The Pumpkin King by Kirbylink!
UPDATE: CFR file can now have Rarecrows with a spooky glow! Please see new download file, and also make sure to update CFR & PyTK!

Make your game SPOOKY with these NMBC Scarecrows!

This mod adds NEW items to the game, animated and fully functional scarecrows, via the Custom Farming Redux mod! They're for sale in different shops on different days for you to discover and collect along with the rest of the rarecrows in the game! They blink, one glows, and one floats!

If you don't want to install CFR, you can also opt to install the content patcher version of this mod that simply replaces the base game's scarecrows! It is compatible with most other mods that edit the craftables tilesheet, EXCEPT other scarecrow edits!


For NEW, animated scarecrows:
  1. You must first have Custom Farming Redux and PyTK - Platonymous Toolkit installed! It's easy and a lot of great mods require these too, I highly recommend them!
  2. Download and unzip the Custom Farming Redux version of NMBC Scarecrows!
  3. Move/Merge the "machines" folder INTO the "CustomFarmingRedux" folder!
  4. Here's what your file tree should look like:
    Stardew Valley -> Mods -> CustomFarmingRedux -> Machines -> [CFR] NMBC Scarecrows

Now have fun searching for & collecting these rarecrows! See spoilers below if you want to know when/where to find them!

For non-animated, content patcher version scarecrows:
  1. Install Content Patcher!
  2. Download and unzip the Content Patcher version of NMBC Scarecrows!
  3. Move [CP] NMBC Scarecrows into MODS folder!
  4. Here's what your file tree should look like:
    Stardew Valley -> Mods -> [CP] NMBC Scarecrows

In the config file, you can specify "fall" to have NMBC scarecrows only available in fall with the vanilla scarecrows available the rest of the year, or "always" to have them replace scarecrows all year long!

Where to find NEW scarecrows! (CFR version only)

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