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Adds new Kisekae style options, shirts, and hats that match the bachelorettes on your wedding day and the flower dance festival!

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! MAY 2020 UPDATE:
JA conversion for Stardew 1.4 provided by
ParadigmNomad, minervamaga, and SpringsSong
(many thanks!)

Json Assets
Tailor Mouse


  • Puff sleeves for female farmer, affects all shirts
  • Removes horse reins and female farmer dances slightly better
  • 2 new skirts, 1 new pair of pants, and 1 new shoe style for both male and female
  • 16 new shirts, 5 new shoe colours
  • 4 new hats: Haley’s flower dance crown, Maru’s wedding bow, Abigail’s wedding bow, and a wedding veil

  • Set “Pants Color” to white to get the intended palette for the bottoms
  • Matching dark blue bottoms are achieved through a visual error
  • Doesn’t replace vanilla shirts
  • Hats replace the Straw Hat, Tropiclip, Butterfly Bow, and Mouse Ears
  • GetDressed/Kisekae’s original style options are available along with this mod’s new additions but make sure to edit Kisekae’s config for it to work properly
  • See second set of instructions below if you want to use this with my other mod, Fancy Farmer 


- Content Patcher
- Kisekae

- Install the latest version of SMAPI, Content Patcher, and Kisekae
- Download and unzip files
- Place the “[CP]” folder in “\Stardew Valley\Mods”
- Place the “overrides” folder in “\Stardew Valley\Mods\Kisekae”
- Let it replace files
- Open Kisekae’s config.json and edit the following lines:
“MaleBottomsTypes”: 9,
“MaleShoeTypes”: 3,
“FemaleBottomsTypes”: 15,
“FemaleShoeTypes”: 5,

- "true" or "false" for shoes, shirts, and hats

- Download and install the main file first according to the instructions above but don't edit the config yet
- Download and do the same with the optional files making sure to replace the shoes and bottoms from the main file's overrides
- Open Kisekae’s config.json and edit the following lines:
“MaleBottomsTypes”: 11,
“MaleShoeTypes”: 5,
“FemaleBottomsTypes”: 18,
“FemaleShoeTypes”: 7,

*If you want the long sleeves, you need to download and grab these files from fancy farmer: “farmer_girl_base.xnb” and "farmer_base.xnb"
**can only use 1 type of sleeves file at a time so choose either long sleeves or puff sleeves for female farmer

- JA Conversion by ParadigmNomadminervamaga, and SpringsSong
GetDressed creators Jinxiewinxie and Advize (parts of original bottom sets already included in GetDressed by Alex_01RuneNL, and Meevers)
- Kisekae by Kabigon

- French by ManekiNeko-89 (superdadidou)

Please do not reupload/redistribute
Buy me a coffee if you like my mods! ☕