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Like a penthouse, but for your pet! (not really, it's pretty small)

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Recent rewrite possible with a lot of help from Platonymous!


It has always bothered me how the pet doesn't even have a little house to go into to warm up in the winter or take shelter in when it rains. Sure, the pets can go in the farmhouse, but they don't always. I can't tell you the number of times I saw my cat just lounging outside in a thunderstorm--mostly because I can't remember the exact number. Well, now she'll have a house I can pretend that she actually uses (because she doesn't, but I can dream).

The pet house is available for all vanilla farm types (and ONLY vanilla farm types), plus has seasonal immersion! 

Now optionally also adds new pet bowls (or just the pet bowls)! On by default.

To toggle the Pet House or Bowls

1.) Open the config.json in the mod's folder
2.) Edit the "true" properties to "false" for whatever you'd like to disable

You will need both SMAPI and Content Patcher (or TMX Loader) in order for it to work.